Deep Drawn Stamping

California Tool & Die

Deep drawn stamping, also known as deep draw stamping, is a cold forming process that creates durable metal parts used in a variety of industries – aerospace, commercial lighting, automotive, medical, cookware – to name a few. Deep draw stamping is typically used when shapes have a depth greater than half the part’s diameter. Deep draw stamping is the best process for simple, symmetrical shapes, from a cost and production standpoint.

Benefits of using deep draw stamping

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce waste
  • Lower assembly costs
  • Stronger finished parts
  • Replaces inefficent processes

Benefits of using California Tool & Die for your deep draw stamping requirements

  • Experienced in both redraw and reverse draw
  • Exclusive production and inventory control available for all your parts
  • Secondary stamping processes available
  • Assembly
  • Finishing services available through established partnerships